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I haven’t posted much recently mainly because I’ve been out of action for the past 8 weeks with a hip replacement. It’s amazing how not being able to walk easily impacts on your photography!! You might say of course that being “out of action” for 8 weeks gives you loads of opportunity to work on photo editing and adding content to this blog but you know what, it’s been kinda nice to just chill out and do other stuff. I have done some stuff of course, in particular I have been helping out getting the Pixtures Media platform looking shiny and interesting as well as creating an exhibition of some lush photos from my local photographer friends of the Torbay Airshow taken over the past few years. This is live now so if you like your airshows, the Red Arrows or just aircraft in general, whizz over to and enjoy the feast that’s been created for you.

Now, is an interesting website for many reasons, not least in that it caters for photographers tired of just seeing their work compete on Facebook, Instagram and others for a fleeting second only to be replaced by newer and shiner photos minutes later. There’s got to be something better eh? Well, we think that could be that something. Why? Well firstly, your photos are permanent. You have your own galleries and your own profile / portfolio page. You can even promote your services or busines if you have one, Pixtures is more than happy to oblige. That alone is worth the FREE subscription!! Yes, really – it’s 100% free to display your work on Pixtures. Of course, if you want a little more and can afford the £25 / year subscription price (as of June 2021) you can elevate your free profile to a featured profile with some lush extras included such increased exposure and unlimited albums. For those with a commercial bent, you can also opt to feature your photos in the pixtures online media shop although you do have to pay a little more for this, a £95 set up fee but only £25 / year to maintain it. It really is cheap when you compare it to Smugmug and to be honest, I think it looks a lot better.

One of the cool things I really like about is that it’s collaborative. Mark Adams or One Camera One Lens is working with the Pixtures team to create an exhibition of images of South Wales. That should be really interesting as I know for a fact that the photographers here in Torbay and the Southwest covet trips to South Wales and further afield when they can get them. Also, the opportunity to have a free, professional portfolio on a growing media orientated photography related website should also be of interest to 1000’s of photographers looking to develop their art and show and share their work. And of course for the professional photographer, the ability to sell their work has to be a huge bonus. Of course none of this detracts from having your own photography website, you can choose not to display any photos on Pixtures simply using it as a means to promote your website. Of course, profiles always look better with images and albums but hey, that’s your choice. I believe that Pixtures is also looking at including a directory of photographers and, for fun, allowing visitors to vote on the best images in various categories. Nothing set in stone on that but it does make Pixtures look even more interesting.

To conclude then, if you want to share your images and build a permanent home for your work, or simply need some help in promoting your own website and professional services, I recon that Pixtures is one website you simply can’t overlook. To learn more, visit today and get involved.

Looking for a FREE place to showcase your images?

Looking for a FREE place to showcase your images?

Taking photos is one thing but showing them off to the world, that’s another story. Everyone wants you to pay heavily for the priviledge, especially if you are looking to sell. Well, let me tell you about Pixtures is designed as a venue to help photographers display their images as a professional showcase without the need to create and manage your own workspace. No setting up complex websites or having to maintain your own webspace and content. Pixtures takes a completely different and refreshing approach.

Pixtures is totally free if you simply want to display your images. Best of all, because it interacts with your Flickr account (Free or Pro), you can create as many albums as you like. Let’s say for example that you are a landscape photographer and you have a number of images of Dartmoor. If these are already sitting on Flickr, whether you have a free or a pro licence, you can display them in Pixtures simply by signing up for a free Pixtures account and then providing the team at Pixtures with the Flickr album ID (or ID’s). Honestly, it’s as simple as that. Within 24 hours of the Pixtures team receiving this information your account is created and your first albums go live. Even if you only have a free Pixtures account you can still host as many Flickr albums on the Pixtures platform as you want. It’s a win-win in every sense of the word. Interested in what an album looks like on Pixtures – here’s an example…

With regards to flexibility, Pixtures can support unlimited profiles and, since they link to your Flickr account, unlimited albums and images. No sensitive data is held on the pixtures website relating to your Flickr account, other than the Flickr album ID’s containing the images you want to display. Want to update your album? No problem, just add or remove images and the Pixtures website updates your gallery and displays the latest content. It couldn’t be easier really.

A bonus for those looking to sell their images is that Pixtures can also make your images available for sale as digital downloads. For this you need a pro-account which costs just £95 / year and you will need to supply Pixtures with a Hi-Res version of the image which will be safely archived off-line. Pixtures create a Lo-Res version for display on Pixtures so that illegal downloading produces nothing more than a semi-usable low res image. When a customer buys, they receive a Hi-Res version to their mailbox. Payment is collected via PayPal and or STRIPE. The Pixtures e-commerce system handles all aspects of the sale for you including collection and disbursement of the income received to your paypal account.

Pixtures is a new venue for digital art and as such it is developing and improving month on month. If you are interested in being a part of this journey and learning more, why not visit their website at