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Parallax Photographic Coop

Since taking a few tentative steps back into the dark world of film processing, I had a need to buy some basic darkroom kit a few days back and after my usual searches on Ebay and Amazon, which came back with crazy pricing on the stuff I was looking for, I came across Parallax Photographic Coop based in London. Their pricing for lots of the darkroom products I was searching, basically Paterson graduates and some HDPE chemical storage containers for used processing chemicals, was way better than the majority I found on Ebay and Amazon, and even better than most I found just doing a normal google search so I thought I'd give them a try. Their website was easy to navigate, both on the PC and on my phone (which I was using to place the order) and their shopping cart system worked flawlessly. Within about 10 minutes I'd located all the stuff I needed (not wanted, loads more I could have bought) and I placed the order and paid using my PayPal account. A few minutes later the confirmation arrived. They told me that Monday would be the date of delievery but happily, it arrived early today (Saturday), a good working day early. Great service guys and well worth a shout out from The Creative Camera. Now I need to decide whether to push on today with my film developing or put my feet up. Decisions decisions!!


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International House, 6, Canterbury Crescent, Stockwell, London Borough of Lambeth, London, Greater London, England, SW9 7QE, United Kingdom

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