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Nik & Trick Services Photographiques

Having found a bunch of old exposed films in a drawer, one, a 110 format, going back to about 1996, I was on the look out for a reasonably priced, experienced development service. Have reviewed a few on-line services I eventually landed on Nik & Trick Services Photographiques (Nik & Trick). They had a facebook page with some good information, their prices were reasonable and above all, their on-line ordering page was effortless, unlike some other devolopers I had looked at. To cut a long story short, I went crazy and ordered the full works for each film, development, scanned tiff's and 6x4 prints. About 10 days later, the tiff files arrived byWetransfer, what a great free service that is BTW, and I eagerly reviewd the results. Amazingly, the 110 film actually produced some images, which was unexpected given it's age, while the other films, which were much newer, gave the results I expected.  I mentioned to Nik & Trick that I no longer wanted the 6x4 prints and that they could keep the money I had paid for these as a bonus. Nope, they not only offered to let me cherry pick the prints I might want, they were happy to refund the difference or apply a credit to future work. TBH, that's great customer service so well done to Nikki for that offer. What I decided to do BTW was to buy some Bellini chemicals and have a go at some of my own processing on some B&W film I happened to have lying around. I'll be doing a piece on how that turned out soon!!

So, a big thumbs up to Nik & Trick, and Nikki for some great customer care.


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