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Sophie Belle – Fresh Lobster at the Quayside

I had the pleasure today to chat with Andy Ricks, skipper of a small fishing boat called Sophie Belle anchored in Paignton Harbour. Andy, like so many of our local fishermen has fallen foul of the EU's ridiculous rules on our fishermen being able to sell our fish to EU markets. As with any bully, this doesn't stop the EU raiding our waters and selling exactly the same fish to those same outlets. Same fish, same shellfish, same lobsters, same crabs and of course, exactly the same dirt and mud. For this reaon I was really glad to get the opportunity to speak with Andy and to let him know that I support all of our fisherman and for that matter, all of our amazing food producers. It is worth pointing out then that Andy is more than happy to sell his produce (aparently up to 30kg to any one person), to anyone interested in buying directly from him at the quayside. At the moment, Andy is catching lobster so a great opportunity to buy some gorgeous fresh lobster at wholesale prices. His mobile number is provided below so why not give him a jingle.


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