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  • Webmaster posted in the group Rants Raves & Reviews 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Facebook is without doubt the worst platform for customer care – period! Having been hacked recently, you’d think that Facebook would provide ways for you to resolve this matter both quaickly and efficiently. Not so. In fact they seem to go out of their way to do the complete opposite and in so doing, provide hackers with a safe haven for doing whatever they want. Some 14 days ago my Facebook account was hacked. Facebook sent me a message to say that someone had requested to change my password – was it me. I told them NO, it wasn’t me. Now you’d expect that saying no would be the end of it. Not so. Just 5 minutes later I received an email saying that my password had changed and about 5 minutes later, a list of posts, which I hadn’t made, and finally a message from facebook saying that because I had posted sexually explicit images which had contravened their standards of use, they were disabling my account and did I want to submit a request for review. of course I did want to do this – in over 10 years of usage I have never posted expicit material in any form on Facebook. Having made the request all I now see is a message that says, and I paraphrase, Review Requested – your Facebook account remains unaccessible until that review is completed. No opportunity to expalin what had happened, no opportunity to provide any evidence, no way of contacting them directly or indirectly to resolve this issue and no hope of recovering my account. As an admin to several groups and pages I can no longer manage those groups or pages and in several cases, there are no other admins to manage them either. Now I suspect that Facebook is contravening many laws with regards not providing clear and easy ways to talk with any of their representatives about these issues. I also suspect that they are contravening EU GDPR laws as it’s impossible, when your account is locked / disabled to do any of the things they suggest as to do these, you need access to an operation and accessible account. If you recall the message I see when I log-in, you can do nothing! Worst of all, the hacker is probably able to do things I can’t as they have control of my account. All in all, Facebook – YOU SUCK!!