I’m going to be honest here guys and say that, like many, I am spread way too thin across way too many social media platforms to have any hope of building any sort of presence. At last count, I had two Instagram accounts, four facebook pages I own, two more that I manage, five websites that I own, two more I have created for other people, one twitter account and God knows what else. Probably a few forum accounts too, oh and 2 Flickr accounts. Almost forgot about them!! This is a roundabout way of saying that recent updates to this site, which I doubt are being read by many, are few and far between. Something has to give but what to do!! The obvious answer is to slim down my portfolio or learn how to post in one place which is then shared everywhere. Does that exist? It should do!! Anyway, clearly I’ve managed to orchestrate a mess of giant proportions which I somehow need to resolve.

Ideally of course i’d just have one website, linked to one instagram, one facebook and one twitter account. Wow, that would be perfect. Normally, I tend to work in Joomla but I built this website because I wanted to explore WordPress. Boy, that was a mistake!! I’ve really struggled to get this far, nothing works the same as Joomla and while WordPress is just a kit of bits, it’s designed so differently that I have struggled. This is my first venture back in about 7 months and I’m starting to knock it into shape so that’s a positive.

This all being said, I’ve decided that this website,The Creative Camera (what a great name) will become my primary blogging platform alongside Pixtures.co.uk which will remain my ecommerce site. I’m sure that I could combine the two, maybe I will, but at the moment, that’s the way I’m going to go. The only facebook group I will maintain will be the companion to this site, that is www.facebook.com/groups/thecreativecamera/ as I already have a nice little group going there.

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