My Favorite Image for April – so far!

I think it’s nice to post an image you really like – other’s can see and comment plus you get to share it with more people. This image is not SOOC, it has been processed. Firstly it’s from a friends party so there were a lot of bottles and glasses etc spoiling the foreground so I cloned these out. It was also a little lighter than I would like for this type of image so I expanded the histogram to include more of the blacks and whites. Because I like filmic effects I also rolled off the highlights as this gives me something closer to film. With these simple modifications this gave me, to my eyes at least, an image I really enjoy in itself. However, recently I have been playing around with a program called Dynamic Auto Painter, a photo-impressionistic tool I have been interested in for some time. My idea here was to try to emulate Rembrandt lighting in order to create a moody, warmer look to the image. I’m sure that some artistic buffs out there are going to say no, no, no but you know what, I really like the overall effect I’ve achieved.

Let me your thoughts. Is it a thumbs up or a thumbs down?

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