Rainchasers for Android / IOS

Rainchasers is a free application for both Android / IOS mobile platforms for kayaking / sports photography.

Basically, it highlights kayaking or canoeing whitewater adventures in the UK which you can browse, search, and highlight your favourite places in the hope of weekend rain and gorged rivers. Gauge levels calibrated to the specific runs are included to allow you to judge the likely paddling conditions. It’s also available free to use on-line at www,rainchasers.com.

Rainchasers App
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  1. I came across this app in conversation with some photographer friends. We were talking about photographing some white water rafters on the river Dart at the weekend. This app was useful in defining the start and end locations, water levels, degree of difficulty etc making it easier for us to scout locations for the photo shoot. Free and useful.

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