So what does expired film look like?

Well, that depends on your perspective of course. You could argue that that’s it’s bloody amazing to get anything off a Kodak Gold 200 from 1997, especially since it was from an old Minolta all-weather / underwater camera and in 110 format. That’s almost 23 years sat in a drawer. On the other hand you could argue that they look crapand should be binned. Personally, I’m going for it’s bloody amazing as to be honest, my expectations were more based on hope than any level of success.

One of the most apparent features is the magenta cast which is evident in most but not all of the images. The other obvious feature is the crackling effect, again evident in some but not all of the images.

Overall, I was really pleased to have recovered some long lost memories of a sking trip to Whistler in Canada in about 1996 / 97. This was a time when my knees allowed me to play rugby and go skiing. Regrettably, those days have now long gone.

Processed by Nik & Trick, Folkstone, February 2020.

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