A Revisit to my Studio

I haven’t done a lot of portrait photography recently. In fact, I haven’t done any portrait photography for nearly two years, primarily because of lockdown but also because, well, you get lazy as you get older. Besides, although I own a 3-story building here in central Torquay, UK, I have rather cluttered up what was my main studio down in the basement with stuff that’s going to take a while to find new homes. That’s left me with a relatively small studio area which I was able to test out for the very first time yesterday.

Rod Scott is a local musician and a popular and capable guitar teacher. I’ve photographed Rod before, about three years ago I’d say so we work well together. My overall objective is to set up a simple to operate, head, shoulders and body studio where local people can come in to have high quality photos done with the minimum of fuss. That’s not to say I don’t welcome the opportunity to photograph subjects that like to dress up or want to experience a studio shoot in a variety of ways, just that sometimes simple equali better.

Here’s a couple of the shots I was able to capture with Rod.

Rod Scott

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