An Image from the Archive

You know what it’s like. You keep coming back to an image that you shouldn’t like but you just do. The image above is that image for me. Believe me, I have a ton of images I really love and I am so grateful to have shot. However it’s this one that figures a lot in my thoughts and that I keep coming back to. Sure, I should enhance it, make it pop. It’s a bit bland and maybe one-day I’ll do just that. But for the moment I just like it because it’s what I saw and what I captured. It doesn’t much matter to me whether you like it, although I hope you see something of what I see. More importantly is that you are trying to see what I saw. It’s an art shot for all intent and purpose, there’s no documentary value in it. You can’t recognise the place and it’s timeless. It could be 1920 or it could be 2021, who knows. It’s just restful and I think I’m going to look at it some more. Enjoy your day.

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