Marrutt 29% OFF Flash Deal on Paper / Ink

Marrutt have just sent out a new 29% OFF FLASH DEAL to mark the 2020 leap year which in case you’ve missed it, is tomorrow. This offer, which applies to 60ml ink refill sets and their range of 265gsm Pro Photo Gloss paper, runs until midnight on 29th February, 2020. The paper deal covers a limited subset of their full range but includs A5/6, A4, A3 & A2 as well as some popular print sizes e.g. 5×7, 6×8 etc but only on 50 sheet and above packs. For example,

Marrutt 265gsm Pro Photo Gloss Paper – A3, 50 Sheets – 29% OFF!WAS: £37.25 £26.45

Visit and navigate to the Ink and Paper sections to find the deals.

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1 thought on “Marrutt 29% OFF Flash Deal on Paper / Ink

  1. Although I tend to hear more about Permajet and Fotospeed when talking to my friends about photographic consumables, as a user of Marrutt paper and ink products I have never been disappointed. The service has been great and I have tried several of their speciality papers with good results. The other good thing about Marrutt is that they are consumer centric and their website is always full of “how to” videos with regards printing and they aren’t shy with posting deals such as this one. I’m very tempted by this flash ink deal as good ink is hard to come by and prices are generally high wherever you go. A replacement 9 x 60ml ink set for my Epson SC-P600 looks reasonable at £86 + vat. Something to think about!!

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