Two firmware updates introduce enhanced features for Nikon Z-Series cameras

London, United Kingdom 18 February 2020:

Today Nikon announces the release of firmware version 3.00 for the Nikon Z 7 and Z 6 full-frame mirrorless cameras, and version 1.10 for the Z 50 DX-format mirrorless camera. These firmware updates offer a number of improvements to existing features, making the mirrorless series of cameras even more powerful.

Updating Z 7/Z 6 firmware to version 3.00 adds a new Animal-detection AF feature to the current Face/eye-detection AF. While Face/eye-detection AF recognises human faces and eyes, Animal-detection AF recognises the eyes and faces of dogs and cats for enhanced focusing. Animal-detection AF takes care of focus for you, so you can concentrate on framing images creatively. Subject tracking has also been modified to function more like the 3D-tracking feature in Nikon digital SLR cameras, giving greater ease of use. Support for additional CFexpress* memory card brands has also been added.

*CFexpress is a trademark of the CompactFlash Association (CFA).

Firmware version 1.10 for the Z 50 improves AF operation when recording self-portraits in Movie mode. This improvement was made in response to user demands for the camera to maintain focus on the faces being recorded.

Nikon places a high value on responding flexibly to our users’ needs as they develop, and in offering imaging experiences that continue to stimulate creativity.

Z 7/Z 6 firmware Ver. 3.00

1. Animal-detection AF for automatic focusing on the face and/or eyes of dogs and cats
Animal-detection AF adds support for dogs and cats to the face and eye detection feature. When multiple animal faces or eyes are detected, the multi-selector or touch operation can be used to select the face or eye on which the camera will focus. In video recording, the faces of animals can be detected.

2. Increased usability for Subject-tracking AF
Subject tracking with still-image shooting in AF-C mode has been modified to give an operational feel more like 3D-tracking in Nikon digital SLR cameras. The camera tracks the subject while the shutter-release button is pressed halfway or the AF-ON button is held down. Subject tracking ends when the user takes their finger off the button and the focus point selected before subject tracking began is reactivated, for increased operability. In addition, the transition from Auto-area AF display to Subject selection display can be assigned to a custom control. These changes all improve subject-tracking operation, and make it easier to activate and change the target subject while looking through the viewfinder.

3. Support for CFexpress memory cards
In addition to Sony CFexpress memory cards, Type B CFexpress cards manufactured by ProGrade and Lexar will also be supported with Z 7/Z 6 firmware Ver. 3.00.

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